Sean Whitton writes ("Re: Replace the TC power to depose maintainers"):
> Although I don't personally know of any such DDs, I agree that random
> selection sounds like a bad idea.  DDs who don't want to be involved in
> this sort of work would feel under some obligation to respond, even if
> they know they're not really suited for it or feel that they need to
> focus their time into some of their own maintenance work, such as
> before/during a freeze.

I think there should be a way to opt out.  (Unlike with jury service
in a common law criminal trial.)

So when a jury is needed, the robot would pick 10 random DDs and email
them an offer to participate.  Each potential juror would get a few
days[1] to accept/decline.  The robot would keep emailing more people
until it got a panel of 10 acceptances.

[1] This should be a short period both to keep the whole duration of
the uncertainty and pain short, but also to end up with jurors who are
around right now.

I think it would be best not to tell jurors, before the jury is
empanelled, what package is in dispute.  (They might be able to tell


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