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> There is a recent case where:
>  * The maintainer has done nothing to the package for many years,
>    other than infrequent (and usually short) emails to NAK
>    contributions from others;
>  * The package is years out of date compared to upstream, afflicted by
>    bitrot, and many users are asking for the new version;
>  * Several times, proposed updates have been prepared by contributors
>    but blocked by the maintainer;
>  * There are new maintainers ready and waiting, with a new package
>    ready for upload to sid for stretch;
>  * Now that the TC is involved the maintainer has written many emails
>    explaining their decisions to NAK uploads, but TC members are
>    clearly unconvinced on a technical level that those decisions were
>    right.
> Even in this extreme situation the TC has not seen fit to wrest the
> package away from the mainainer's deathgrip.

The process is still ongoing, slow, but still. I would have waited a bit
more to see where it is going before complaining of inaction.

> 3. Abolish maintainership entirely.

IMO, this would be a great option. We could keep an official maintainer
or a team to keep someone responsible (but we have many examples where
this is not sufficient). But otherwise, anyone should be able to upload
any package. Maybe the use of a delayed queue (15 days?) could be
mandated for those cases. We could also make the low threshold NMU
opt-out instead of opt-in. Any step towards less maintainership would be
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