package: adonthell
version: 0.3.5-4
severity: serious

During the run up to the lenny release python 2.5 was made the default and this made adonthell FTBFS on arm(el) with "Fatal Python error: exceptions bootstrapping error." ( ). While doing flyby bugsquashing I took a look at this bug but failed to make any headway. I asked on debian-python but the only response I received was a suggestion to ask upstream. Since I was just doing flyby bugsquashing, had failed to produce a reduced testcase (since I really had no idea what was triggering the bug) and I don't know python I didn't make any contact with upstream (for either python or adonthell).

Since a release was looming and noone had made no progress on finding a root cause (afaict none of the maintainers even responsed to the bugreport) I proposed a patch that special cased arm(el) and explicityly chose python2.4 on theese architectures. after some minor revisions this patch was uploaded by Philipp Kern as a NMU.

Due to the planned removal of python2.4 Moritz Muehlenhoff reverted this special casing recently and the package now FTBFS again on armel but the soloution used last time is no longer possible. So as Moritz indicated in his changelog entry either the issue with newer python versions needs to be found and fixed (something I'm not capable of doing) or the armel adonthell package needs to be dropped.

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