> OTOH, this is experimental.  It's not like this upload has any effect on
> anyone except to let Thomas work on packages that depend on it.

still the policy defines a set of rules that apply to any debian
suites, or are you suggesting that experimental is not cover by those
rules and we could do whatever we want?

The bug asking for a new version was issues 2 hours before the upload
with urgency wishlist, without mentioning it was a blocker for

>  Are
> there any specific changes you object to

As for the technical aspects, tests were disabled mentioning they
access internet (and from the code it is not clear at all if they do,
and I kinda doubt that), the test suite for py3k fails with 'FAILED
(SKIP=17, errors=69, failures=13)' halting the build in my clean
pbuilder env, the doc requirements list "sphinxcontrib-bibtex" which
is not yet in debian (the reason I halted the upgrade myself sometime
ago) so I'm not sure how the doc could have been built + all the time
I wasted having to write this

>, and that can't be easily
> reverted before an upload to unstable?

I dont know if I understand correctly: are you saying that, since he
needed that package updated he could technical sub-optimal work, and
then let the maintainer/somebody else fix what's left broken? because
that's what's going to happen :(  (python3-memcache anyone?)

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