On Sep 29, 2015, at 02:02 PM, Tristan Seligmann wrote:

>After reading this thread, I feel like I should go through all of my
>packages and remove the team from Maintainer for all of them. I try very
>hard to respond promptly to pings (bugs, email, IRC, ...) about my
>packages, even if it's just to say "sorry, I can't take care of that right
>now, feel free to upload"; but I'm not sure that having someone blindly
>upload my packages if they haven't worked on them before is a good idea.

I'm willing to deal with some honest mistakes with my packages in order to
foster a vibrant and active community.

I am happy to answer questions about my packages, but I feel spoiled by how
nicely things work as an upstream with code hosting sites like GitLab.  If we
had merge requests, online and email reviews, one-click auto-merge (and
uploads!) I think we'd have a better team collaboration workflow.  Even
post-commit/upload emailed diffs would at least let me review changes after
the fact, so I could repair things if I noticed a big problem.


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