On 30 September 2015 at 10:26, Thomas Kluyver <tho...@kluyver.me.uk> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2015, at 01:53 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> This has driven
>> some contributors away in the past, thinking we don't have team spirit.
>> IMO, that's truth, and this kind of thread is hurting again.
> Just to back this up: watching threads like this go past makes working
> on/with Debian look very uninviting. At times it seems like DPMT is more
> interested in quoting sections of policy at one another than in actually
> making stuff work. It looks absolutely like there's no team spirit,
> unless you all keep it carefully hidden from the mailing list. If this
> is what you're like even to other people with @debian.org email
> addresses, I don't want to try doing anything within Debian.
> Thomas K

I see nothing wrong with Goirand's upload. I believe Sandro Tosi is
still using the pre-binNMU, pre-NMU, pre-LowNMU, pre-Team packaging
maintenance mentality which is not the commonly accepted behaviour and
mentality in Debian anymore. Sando, if you don't like something in
particular about a particular upload you should fix those points and
re-upload and e.g. send an email with a diff to the last uploader with
code review and comments. Complaining about the maintainer vs uploader
policy does not improve the package in question. As all uploads - good
and bad - are always done with only best intentions in mind, do take
that into account. Nobody is trying to attack you, your packages, or
somehow sabotage Debian.



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