On September 30, 2015 6:27:02 AM EDT, Dimitri John Ledkov <x...@debian.org> 
>On 30 September 2015 at 10:26, Thomas Kluyver <tho...@kluyver.me.uk>
>> On Wed, Sep 30, 2015, at 01:53 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>>> This has driven
>>> some contributors away in the past, thinking we don't have team
>>> IMO, that's truth, and this kind of thread is hurting again.
>> Just to back this up: watching threads like this go past makes
>> on/with Debian look very uninviting. At times it seems like DPMT is
>> interested in quoting sections of policy at one another than in
>> making stuff work. It looks absolutely like there's no team spirit,
>> unless you all keep it carefully hidden from the mailing list. If
>> is what you're like even to other people with @debian.org email
>> addresses, I don't want to try doing anything within Debian.
>> Thomas K
>I see nothing wrong with Goirand's upload. I believe Sandro Tosi is
>still using the pre-binNMU, pre-NMU, pre-LowNMU, pre-Team packaging
>maintenance mentality which is not the commonly accepted behaviour and
>mentality in Debian anymore. Sando, if you don't like something in
>particular about a particular upload you should fix those points and
>re-upload and e.g. send an email with a diff to the last uploader with
>code review and comments. Complaining about the maintainer vs uploader
>policy does not improve the package in question. As all uploads - good
>and bad - are always done with only best intentions in mind, do take
>that into account. Nobody is trying to attack you, your packages, or
>somehow sabotage Debian.


The upload violated team norms.  He knew it violated team norms and just didn't 
care.  I don't think it is appropriate to be attacking Sandro for asking that 
we work collaboratively.

I'd much prefer he was spending time reviewing jtaylor's patch to fix the 
python-numpy FTBFS on powerpc instead of being distracted by this argument.

How about everyone whose considering extending this already excessively long 
thread consider if what they have to say is so important it's worth blocking 
the entire python3.5 transition over.  If it's not, let's just leave the mail 
unsent and let's get back to work.

Scott K

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