Hi Tiago,

>* How to fix the "python-script-but-no-python-dep" lintian error? I've
>tried with and without pybuild and the error still persists.

adding python to the dependencies?
do you have python to build dependencies, dh-python and python:Depends on the 

binary package?

>* How to get rid of the ".egg-info/" folder that is being packaged?>Looks like 
>"debian/clean" rules aren't working.

it is generated *during/after* the build, so the clean target won't work.

a "package.pyremove" file might help, not sure

codesearch.debian.net might help
egg path:pyremove$




There's a GitHub repository for the package[1]. I have intention on
asking for a repository on collab-maint when the package is ready (I
have write permissions to it).


[1]: https://github.com/myhro/deb-pythonpy

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