>I really appreciate your effort in trying to package it yourself, but

>you didn't solved the main problem, which is the

indeed, control file line two.

it is an application, so choose some Section from there

Section: python is for libraries (e.g. called python-foo or python3-foo)

>The "dh_auto_install" override is used to place it in>"/usr/share/pythonpy" 
>which is the proper place for Python
>*applications*[1]. Without it, it goes to the place where *libraries*
>should be located.

>The "remove_entry_points_scripts.patch" avoids the creation of
>py{2,2.7} binaries that aren't needed. Without it and removing the
>override for "dh_fixperms", the package becomes useless. There's no
>way to call the "py" command, as its main script doesn't have
>execution permissions.

ok, but why some of them have the +x set?

I wouls suggest patching the setup file to perform correctly instead of 
overriding stuff.

>Looks like it would be way easier to fix the entry point scripts to
>created a binary named "py", avoiding just the other ones. We can also
>ignore the override that changes the target folder, but doing this
>feels wrong, is like we are ignoring the best practices for packaging
>Python applications. That's why I'm wrecking my head with this issue,
>removing every file that would be useless, instead of following the
>easiest path.

up to your sponsor :)

>About the lintian output:

>* "unused-file-paragraph-in-dep5-copyright": this info doesn't appear
>even when I run lintian with the same arguments on my machine. This is
>strange, as I'm running "v2.5.42.1" from sid and debomatic-amd64.d.n
>is using "v2.5.42.1~bpo8+1", which should be the same version. Do you
>know how can I do this?

swap Files: debian/*
and Files: *

first the more comprehensive and later the less.
(lintian might be more specific)

>* "debian-watch-file-is-missing": this is right. I've asked[2]>upstream to tag 
>every release on GitHub, so we can fetch information
>about new versions from there.
>* "application-in-library-section": fixed[3].
>* "no-upstream-changelog": the upstream added a changelog file in the
>last version (0.4.9, which I have packaged this afternoon), but it
>doesn't comes with the tarball available in PyPI. This will be solved
>when the releases are tagged and we grab them from GitHub.
>* "package-installs-into-obsolete-dir": fixed using dh_bash-completion[4].
>I've uploaded the last (0.4.9-1) package version to mentors.d.n[5].

I did fix the python apps in blah section with section "utils", and uploaded on 
debomatic again.

Now that lintian warning is not there anymore.

(I won't download the package, I think I already answered the points)



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