[Brian May, 2016-05-02]
> Dmitry Shachnev <mity...@debian.org> writes:
> > Your plan LGTM, though I would still use setup.py to install the themes
> > (with passing appropriate --install-lib), to make sure that the egg-info
> > directory (with entry points declarations) is still installed.
> >
> > And then patch mkdocs to add /usr/share/mkdocs/themes to sys.path like
> > Piotr suggested.
> I have a test version of the packages available:
> https://linuxpenguins.xyz/debian/pool/main/m/mkdocs-bootstrap/

* please use --install-lib instead of moving files after dh_python3.
  Moving files once dh_python{2,3} creates hooks to bytecompile py files
  is not really a good idea.

  export PYBUILD_INSTALL_ARGS=--install-lib=/usr/share/mkdocs/themes/

* PYBUILD_NAME doesn't really make sense if you don't have python- or
  python3- binary packages
* s/Suggests: mkdocs/Enhances: mkdocs/
* s/Description: B/Description: b/
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