[Brian May, 2016-05-10]
> Brian May <b...@debian.org> writes:
> >>   export PYBUILD_INSTALL_ARGS=--install-lib=/usr/share/mkdocs/themes/
> >
> > Was hoping to avoid the need to add /usr/share/mkdocs/themes to the
> > sys.path.
> This results in the following lintian warning:
> E: mkdocs-bootstrap: package-installs-python-pycache-dir 
> usr/share/mkdocs/themes/mkdocs_bootstrap/__pycache__/

dh_python* is checking usr/share/mkdocs-bootstrap by default (among
other dirs). If you want it to check usr/share/mkdocs as well, you have
to point it to, f.e. like this:

        dh_python3 -N mkdocs-bootstrap
        dh_python3 -p mkdocs-bootstrap /usr/share/mkdocs/themes/

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