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On 1 June 2016 at 08:40, Dmitry Shachnev <mity...@debian.org> wrote:
> Usually one would do both things using:
>   git-dpm import-new-upstream --pristine-tar-commit /path/to/tarball
> In your case .git-dpm was inconsistent with upstream branch, so I had to
> pass the additional --use-strange-upstream-branch argument to the above
> command.
> Please use the instructions at https://wiki.debian.org/Python/GitPackaging
> next time when i.e. importing a new upstream version.

Had imported the new upstream version using "gbp". I'll use "git-dpm"
from now on.

> I have also pushed some packaging simplifications to Git, and also fixed
> the KGB hook (s/sphinx/python-social-auth/).

I totally forgot about passing "sphinxdoc" to "dh". Thanks for taking
care of this.

> I will upload the package later today.

It is in testing already. Thank you very much! :-)

> Also, I noticed that the comment about disabling tests in debian/rules is
> out-of-date: the *requirements*.txt files depend on nose >= 1.2.1, which
> should be OK (though there are hard dependencies on version numbers for
> other packages).
> It would be nice to get the tests run during build again, if possible.

I've tried to run the tests and looks like there's a problem with the

- "requirements.txt" specifies[1] "requests-oauthlib>=0.4.0" but when
running the tests on Python 2.7, it asks for
"requests-oauthlib>=0.6.1", which is specified[2] in
"requirements-python3.txt". Not sure why one superseded the other.
- "python-saml==2.1.3" is specified[3] in
"social/tests/requirements.txt", which suggests that it is a test-only
dependency. But under "social/backends/saml.py" there are a few
imports[4] from "onelogin.saml2.*", which makes me think that there's
a missing runtime dependency.

Am I misunderstanding something here or there's really a confusion
regarding the dependencies?



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