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> just a quick reply:
> * private dir is the right call, do not install into dist-packages
>   (only "python-*" binary packages should install there)

OK, done.

> * install into /usr/lib/logdata-anomaly-miner/ and dh_python2 will pick
>   it up without any overrides, additional options, etc.

So I guess, before that (where dh_python2 refused to operate at all), using 
/usr/lib/aminer as a shorthand - as the package name is quite long - was a bad 

As import names cannot contain a dash, is use of 
"usr/lib/logdata-anomaly-miner/aminer" as module storage directory and "aminer" 
as shorthand module name in imports OK?

> * use dh --with python2 or dh_python2 (/usr/bin/dh_python2) but never
>   ever depend on internal implementation detail. I will change
>   /usr/share/dh-python/dh_python2 file name just to mess with you ;-P

OK. Understood. Using the "usr/lib/logdata-anomaly-miner" layout for python 
stuff as recommended above, dh_python2 is more happy with the situation: It 
would complain about "python:Versions" substitution in

./debian/control:XB-Python-Version: ${python:Versions}

but XB-.. should be deprecated anyway. I dropped also " XS-Python-Version" 
(which was hardcoded to >=2.6), as substitution would not work here also.

Still when building, lintian is unhappy with the output package:

E: logdata-anomaly-miner: python-script-but-no-python-dep 
E: logdata-anomaly-miner: python-script-but-no-python-dep 

Since the situation became a lot of clearer using your suggestions, I will 
again try to tackle the lintian issue.


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