[Fiedler Roman, 2016-06-09]
> > is AMiner and AMinerRemoteControl symlinked in /usr/bin/?
> > (you can use debian/logdata-anomaly-miner.links to do that)
> Currently they are not symlinked. I took the same approach as with
> e.g. /usr/lib/apt/methods/http or /usr/lib/eject/dmcrypt-get-device
> where those binaries are usually not intended to be called by user
> directly. Meanwhile this has changed, e.g. AMinerRemoteControl is more
> or less now OK for cmd-line use. So I would add the symlinks. Or would
> moving of the files be more Debianic?

dh_python2 doesn't add interpreter to Depends for scripts that are not
in $PATH. That's why lintian complains. You can:
* symlink them in /usr/bin/ (or any other appropriate path)
* drop executable bit from these scripts, if they're not meant to be
  (IIRC lintian ignores shebangs in non-executable files)
* or if they're meant to be executed, but you don't want them to be
  available out of the box, add "python" to Suggests or Recommends
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