On 2016-11-21 18:33:48 -0500 (-0500), Barry Warsaw wrote:
> I have not started to look at what if anything needs to be done to
> transition to pip 9, but if you have a strong opinion one way or
> the other, please weigh in.

The fix to uninstall properly when replacing with an editable
install of the same package is a pretty huge one in my opinion. Ran
into it quite a bit where I'd do an install from unreleased source
(in editable mode because I was hacking on it) of some library, and
that software was a transitive dependency of something in its own
requirements list so had already been installed from an sdist/wheel
without my realizing. This leads to confusingly testing the released
version of the source code because it shows up first in the path
when you import what you think is the code you're editing. Not a fun
way to spend your time.

Granted, I'm mostly running pip on unstable when developing, and I
run it from a bootstrapped virtualenv anyway so don't actually use
the Debian package of it other than to bootstrap my initial venv.
Jeremy Stanley

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