Donald Stufft:
>> On Nov 21, 2016, at 6:33 PM, Barry Warsaw <> wrote:
>> I have not started to look at what if anything needs to be done to transition
>> to pip 9, but if you have a strong opinion one way or the other, please weigh
>> in.
> As one might expect, I would prefer it if folks got 9.0.1 as quickly as 
> possible. In particular the feature that makes it easier for upstreams to drop
> Python 2 support is one that is really only effective when people can consider
> pip 9 a "minimum" version of pip to support. Getting it into the hands of 
> folks
> as quickly as possible would be a big boon to that.
> —
> Donald Stufft

I'm with Donald here.  It'll help both the Debian ecosystem to be more
closely aligned with the current tools as well as the Python ecosystem
since it'll help speed up the transition to Python3.  The more people
see the Debian Python packages as a viable option for deployment and
development, the better Python in Debian will be maintained since there
will be more people relying on the packages.

But of course, this decision also depends on how much work it would be.
I don't think pip 9 is an absolute requirement, but I do think its worth
some effort.


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