On Mar 12, 2017, at 01:19 PM, Brian May wrote:

>Should we be using PyPI as our source of packages? Or github?

PyPI for two reasons: not every developer uses git, and even those that do may
not use GitHub.

I've so far only encountered one package that releases on GitHub and not PyPI:
pyparted.  And I've filed an upstream bug about that.

>However, often packages in PyPI are not the complete source package you
>would get from github. They may be sufficient for installations, but
>often not for Debian packaging - which really should have the complete
>source package. e.g. they can be missing tests, license files,
>documentation that doesn't get installed, etc.

Yep, and I always file a bug when that happens.  Sometimes I include the file
in debian/ and add rules to move them in place.  Usually the missing file is
just caused by a MANIFEST.in that's out of date or some such (heck, I've done
that myself).  But FWIW, I've yet to encounter an upstream that hasn't been
very helpful in fixing their releases to help downstreams like Debian.


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