On Tue, 2017-03-14 at 08:32 +1100, Brian May wrote:
> Scott Kitterman <deb...@kitterman.com> writes:
> > Like Barry, I've never had an issue with upstreams fixing their MANIFEST.in 
> > so 
> > that the sdist is complete when I point out the issue.
> I have had some people who do argue that sdist is an installation
> format, not a source format - if you want the source use github.

Same here.

> I think most of them eventually do change, however it makes me a bit
> uneasy that maybe they might be right.

Until this thread was started, I had never questioned the
"canonicalness" of PyPI releases either. 

> As a result, some of my recent packages I have used github, rather
> then try to "fix" things on PyPI. That way I can be sure that the
> build will always be consistant, and not suddenly and unexpectedly
> drop files.

Do you get rid of the useless dotfiles (gitignore, ci settings, tox...)
or leave them alone then?


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