On 2017-03-14 14:48, Christopher Hoskin wrote:

> For reasons of my own, I need to create a Celery 4.0.2 Debian package. This
> means also updating the Kombu and AMQP packages. As I'm doing this work 
> anyway,
> my preference would be to share it with the World through DPMT.
> However, I notice that python-amqp has a lot of other reverse dependancies,
> including OpenStack, and that we're currently in a release freeze. I've also
> seen there's been some discussion about using the DEP14 branch/tag convention
> and switching to gbp pq.
> Would people be happy for me to start updating Celery and its dependancies,
> uploading the results to experimental, or should I keep my work to myself for
> the time being?

As an uploader for celery, kombu, and python-amqp, I see no problem
myself. I can't speak for other packages, and definitely I can't speak
for packages not under DPMT. 

For now, I would suggest creating a debian/experimental branch,
switching to gbp pq (as using non-standard branch names is easier with
gbp pq), and then continuing. I have done this already for the
python-mkdocs package. 

If you need any help, let me know. 


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