On 02/07/2018 10:29 AM, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:
> If not separated at team level, I definitely want to have them somehow
> separated at repository level so that it's clear which package is which
> type or to easily checkout libraries only.

That can be done at least with subgroups. I've done that for OpenStack
and created 11 subgroups where repositories are stored, just to sort
things out.

>> Moving git packages (modules team) is very easy using
>> import.sh from https://salsa.debian.org/mehdi/salsa-scripts.git
> looks like it takes only one repo at a time

I do have scripts to perform API requests on a list of packages. See
things in our stuff repo:


The only thing you need to adapt is the OPENSTACK_GROUP_ID in the
list-all-subgroups script, and fix it to whatever the Python team will
be. Then you can simply do:

./run-on-all-projects ./set-irker

I don't have anymore the script that was doing the import, because
obviously, everything is done already, but it's quite trivial to write.
I just need to be master or owner on the team's group.

If you want, I can take care of importing the DPMT packages. Didn't we
have already scripts to migrate from SVN, written by tumbleweed? If we
do, then I can also do the work for apps, once they are migrated to Git.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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