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>Hi list
>I have to admit that I have never become comfortable with the Debian
>but I know I have to learn to use it.
>Following the advice on

Use this instead:

Note: page not updated for the move to Salsa, but generally accurate.

>Does the following advice hold true after the move to salsa?
>$ git clone

No.  That's on alioth.  You can use the web UI on https://salsa.debian.org/ to 
find the URL for your package.

>I have cloned the eric repository.
>git branch -a
>* debian/master
>  remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/debian/master
>  remotes/origin/debian/master
>  remotes/origin/lenny
>  remotes/origin/pristine-tar
>  remotes/origin/svn
>  remotes/origin/upstream
>Is debian/master == master?
>Shall I checkout and pull the pristine-tar and upstream
>git checkout remotes/origin/upstream -b upstream
>git pull
>git checkout remotes/origin/pristine-tar -b upstream
>git pull
>To update the package, shall I copy the new upstream over the upstream
>commit and then do
>$ pristine-tar commit ../srcpkgname_1.0.orig.tar.gz upstream

This is all explained on the wiki page referenced above.

>Regarding the now deprecated get-orig-source target.
>Do you have any example on how to put the mechanism into the watch

The mechanism is in gbp, not the watch file.  Once again, see the wiki page 

Scott K

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