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On 07-03-2019 13:19, Drew Parsons wrote:
>> Can you elaborate why you think that bug should be RC (as that isn't
>> clear to me from the report itself) and why you haven't marked it as
>> such if you think it should be?
> python-scipy is currently failing all debci tests in both unstable and
> testing.

autopkgtest only, so no FTBFS?

> I haven't marked it RC myself since I'm not 100% certain what the usual
> protocol is for marking the severity of debci test failures.  But as I
> understood it, debci test failures is considered RC under the final
> freeze which we're about to enter (but we're not quite in that deep
> freeze yet).

Some of us want failing autopkgtest to be RC *after* the release of
buster. I am not aware of consensus about that yet. autopkgtest
*regression* in testing is effectively RC since the soft freeze of
12-2-2019. The autopkgtest of python-scipy is already failing in
testing, so it isn't a regression. Hence, it failing is not RC for buster.

> Hi Andreas, I may not have been clear.  What I mean at this point is to
> upload a small patch for scipy 1.1 to ignore the deprecation warnings
> (scipy 1.2 already does that).
> If that doesn't help pass the debci tests then we can consider uploading
> scipy 1.2 instead.  But python-fluids and dipy FTBFS against scipy 1.2
> (a new version of dipy is available which presumeably fixes that)

Please *don't* upload scipy 1.2 to fix only this issue (nor for any
other issue without discussion first), it's for sure not worth it.

>> Slightly depending on the answer above, I'll unblock an upload of
>> python-scipy with only that change.
> Certainly please do unblock if the full freeze is already in place. But
> my intention was to first upload python-scipy 1.1 with a small patch,
> not 1.2 just yet.

If you upload now, your package will not migrate to testing before the
full freeze becomes effective so it would need an unblock. If you want
to fix this issue with the three lines I saw in the bug report, you can
go ahead. However, it is probably worth waiting for a resolution of bug
915738 and combine it with that.


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