Hi Drew,

On 16-03-2019 13:48, Drew Parsons wrote:
>> The numpy.sparse tests pass with this patch, and most of the matrix
>> PendingDeprecationWarnings are gone (the upstream patch missed
>> integrate/tests/test_ivp.py, but the remaining warnings are few enough
>> to not need to worry about).
> Well, turns out the other warnings worried Aurelien enough to file
> Bug#924396.
> Is there enough will to add more scipy patches for the buster release to
> reduce the remaining DeprecationWarnings? (they don't break tests,
> they're just annoying)
> Or should we just let it go at this point and let them get cleared in
> future versions?)

I'd let it be for now.

> That being the case, in the interests of making a stable release that
> passes it own tests, I'd like to request an unblock for
> python-scipy/1.1.0-4 (together with skimage/0.14.2-2)

skimage was already unblocked. I'll unblock python-scipy as well.


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