On 8/24/19 10:38 AM, Neil Williams wrote:
> How is that graph turned into a list of packages? It's too large to
> scan manually.

Well, I did it manually... and this is only a short list, as a
suggestion for a todo list, so nothing exhaustive... I very much would
welcome something automated.

BTW, working on this (as I've assigned myself to do a Python 2 support
removal for at least one package a day), I've seen that lots of the
packages are just bit-rotting stuff that has sometimes been uploaded
only once, and that nobody cares about anymore. We should have spotted
these earlier, IMO, and probably ping the maintainers.

I'm still waiting on Piotr (or someone else) to do the mail to -devel
and the mass-bug-filling ... Any news on this?


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