On 25.08.19 00:08, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> On 8/24/19 10:38 AM, Neil Williams wrote:
>> How is that graph turned into a list of packages? It's too large to
>> scan manually.
> Well, I did it manually... and this is only a short list, as a
> suggestion for a todo list, so nothing exhaustive... I very much would
> welcome something automated.
> BTW, working on this (as I've assigned myself to do a Python 2 support
> removal for at least one package a day), I've seen that lots of the
> packages are just bit-rotting stuff that has sometimes been uploaded
> only once, and that nobody cares about anymore. We should have spotted
> these earlier, IMO, and probably ping the maintainers.
> I'm still waiting on Piotr (or someone else) to do the mail to -devel
> and the mass-bug-filling ... Any news on this?

I'm on the mass bug filing, but I need the tracker updated again.  And I need to
go through the suggestions here on the list how to work on things to make the
py2-rm issues more readable.  I didn't hear back from Piotr after DebConf, but I
think what we need is dh-python generating python2/python2.7 dependencies
instead of python dependencies, and maybe make shebang rewriting to
python2/python2.7 the default.


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