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On 12.09.19 08:30, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> I wont comment on the relative import ambiguity problem, as Ghislain
> replied correctly. However, I do want to comment on 2to3.
> I generally recommend against using it, in the favor of other tools. 
> The advantage is that you'll get a source code that will work on both
> Python 2 and 3. It's generally a way more easy to submit upstream, which
> may not want to loose Python 2 compatibility.

We should stop caring about that.
Python2 will be EOL'ed at January 1, 2020 [0].
Python2 will vanish from next Debian release.
Please convert into idiomatic Python3 code, that's the sane way going forward.

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[0] https://github.com/python/devguide/pull/344

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