On 9/12/19 9:22 AM, Michael Kesper wrote:
> Hi all,
> On 12.09.19 08:30, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> I wont comment on the relative import ambiguity problem, as Ghislain
>> replied correctly. However, I do want to comment on 2to3.
>> I generally recommend against using it, in the favor of other tools. 
> ...
>> The advantage is that you'll get a source code that will work on both
>> Python 2 and 3. It's generally a way more easy to submit upstream, which
>> may not want to loose Python 2 compatibility.
> We should stop caring about that.
> Python2 will be EOL'ed at January 1, 2020 [0].
> Python2 will vanish from next Debian release.
> Please convert into idiomatic Python3 code, that's the sane way going forward.

As much as WE are concerned, probably. However, there's still multiple
cases where you still care having compat with both versions of Python.
First, the case where upstream does care about Py2. You probably wont
succeed convincing them it is too late and they should stop caring.
There's also the case where, as a package maintainer, you see a Python
package that currently has only Py2 support. In some case, you need to
first introduce Python 3 compat without breaking Python 2 support, so
you that way get enough time to fix the reverse dependencies.

I am not buying into the argument that adding a dependency on six.py is
a problem. It generally isn't. If upstream cares about dependency-less
stuff, then probably you should ignore upstream and do the work in
Debian alone, until upstream fixes his code to do Python 3 only.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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