but this leads later to

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "cycle.py", line 83, in OnCloseWindow
     Save_Cycle(cycle.name, cycle.passwd, cycle.file)
   File "/home/andreas/debian-maintain/salsa/med-team/cycle/save_load.py", line 
46, in Save_Cycle
     tmp=rt.encrypt( 'Cycle'+pickle.dumps(objSave) )
TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "bytes") to str
String handling changed significantly between python2 and python3. Python 2 is "byte strings by 
default", type "str" was used for byte strings and type "unicode" was used for 
unicode strings. Implicit conversions between the two were allowed.

Python 3 is "unicode by default", type "bytes" is used for byte strings and type 
"str" is used for unicode strings. There is no implict conversion between unicode strings and byte 

"pickle.dumps" returned a bytes object, and you tried to concatenate it to a 
str object. You need to change 'Cycle' to b'Cycle'.

Also python 3 bytes objects behave a bit differently from python 2 str objects. 
To accommodate this I believe you need the following changes in p_rotor.py

"|for c in map(ord, buf):|" -> "|for c in buf:|"
"|return ''.join(map(chr, outbuf))|" -> "|return bytes(outbuf)|"
"|for c in map(ord, key):|" -> "for c in key:"

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