Hi Daniele, just letting you know I uploaded python-urllib3 1.25.6 to experimental.

I was having some SSL trouble connecting to https://pub.orcid.org. The error trace cited urllib3/contrib/pyopenssl.py, so I downloaded and installed python-urllib3 1.25.6 to see if updates to default SSL/TLS versions made any difference. It didn't fix my problem, but since I had the package update ready I figured I might as well present it to experimental.

The new version fixes CVE-2019-11236 (Bug#927172). As far as I can tell it also fixes CVE-2019-11324 (Bug#927412), but I figured it's best to let you review that.

Th package build was successful on my system but gives build-time errors in chroot (on buildd). I'm not sure why that's failing.


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