For Python2 packages, dh-python 4.20191017 now rewrites any python shebang to /usr/bin/python2 and generates dependencies on python2 instead of python.

The py2removal bugs have a section

- If the package has still many users (popcon >= 300), or is needed to
  build another package which cannot be removed, document that by
  adding the "py2keep" user tag (not replacing the py2remove tag),
  using the user.  Also any
  dependencies on an unversioned python package (python, python-dev)
  must not be used, same with the python shebang.  These have to be
  replaced by python2/python2.7 dependencies and shebang.

As seen with the recent python-crypto upload, the package now has no dependency on python anymore in the binary packages, and it doesn't have any python, python-dev build-dependencies anymore.

Also seen in python-crypto, the python2 autopkg test calls python, and fails because python is not a dependency of python-crypto anymore. This needs fixing.

If we need to ship Python2 in bullseye, then the python, python-dev, python-dbg, python-doc, libpython-stdlib, libpython-dev binary packages will be removed before the release.

With that change, python-crypto is in a form to ship with bullseye (if python-crypto is still needed for some application that we want to keep). Application packages are likely to need a change in the build dependencies to ship with bullseye, if needed.

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