> The py2removal bugs have a section
> """
> - If the package has still many users (popcon >= 300), or is needed to
>    build another package which cannot be removed, document that by
>    adding the "py2keep" user tag (not replacing the py2remove tag),
>    using the debian-python@lists.debian.org user.  Also any
>    dependencies on an unversioned python package (python, python-dev)
>    must not be used, same with the python shebang.  These have to be
>    replaced by python2/python2.7 dependencies and shebang.
> """

i think the bug text should have been a lot simpler, and mostly just
be a small introduction of the problem and refer to the wiki page for
further details, so that we can keep the wiki up to date even if we
change the plans (as we cannot edit the bug text)

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