Stéphane Blondon <> writes:

> Perhaps there is a doubt how to read it?
> - do not (remove python-foo-doc or rename it to python3-foo-doc)
> - (do not remove python-foo-doc) or (rename it to python3-foo-doc)
> Would it be better if we remove the indentation and use this sentence(?):
> if documentation is in python-foo-doc, do not move it

Myself, I read it as the first option.

I would personally use:

- Do not remove python-foo-doc and do not rename it to python3-foo-doc.

Or maybe even expand as two bullet points:

- Do not remove python-foo-doc.
- Do not rename it to python3-foo-doc.

I think this makes it very explicit what was intended.
Brian May <>

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