This is just FYI on situation.

Currently, getmail is a candidate for removal from the upcoming Debian
release if it is not updated to support python 3 by someone (not
necessary by upstream).

Here is the background ....

Debian and Ubuntu are pushing to remove python2 in next 2020 release.

You can see its progress for Debian at:
They converted packages to support python3 for almost the half of the
problematic python2 packages in 3 months.  With this pace, they think
they can remove python2.

Ubuntu also has list:

Some migration activities were implemented by Debian maintainers
patching the upstream package without upstream help.  So something like
that may happen on getmail if some other Debian developers take actions.
(I, for one, will not do this considering getmail being a security
sensitive mail application and needs upstream support of python3 code.)

Please also note Fedora seems to be doing the similar:

Please don't expect some major distros to be supporting python2 after 2020.

If you convert python 2 code for 2.7 style, then we can support both
python 2 and 3.  If some code needs to be made compatible with pre=2.7
version, may be making that section of code conditional to python
version may accommodate it without causing python 3 compatibility

If you update package to support python 3, I will upload it to Debian.



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