Relevant packages and bugs:
  943107 git-buildpackage: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye
This bug is not marked as rc.

Nevertheless I believe that this bug report is in-fact a false positive. From 
what I can tell git-buildpackage, even in buster, does not (build-)depend on 
python 2 or any python 2 modules.

It does build-depend on python-pydoctor, but according to a recently entry in the 
pydoctor changelog that package "is a Python application and not used as a 

It would make sense to change the build-dependency to pydoctor in the next 
upload, but it's probablly not worth making an upload just for that change.
  937132 nevow: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye
Depended on by pydoctor in testing, but not in unstable. Should stop being a 
problem for git-buildpackage when pydoctor migrates.
  938622 tahoe-lafs: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye
Listed as a "blocker" of the above bug but not currently in testing. Personally I 
advocate ignoring "blockers" that are not in testing, but I'm not sure if consensus has 
been reached on that.

Bugs which you may notice which are now not so relevant any more
because they have been fixed in sid (but not yet migrated):
  950216 [git-buildpackage] missing xsltproc autopkg test dependency
        Fixed in sid; migration blocked by FTBFS due to pydoctor
        breakage (#949232).  When pydoctor has migrated, reattempting
        build (eg by re-upload) should fix this.
Builds happen in unstable, so there is no need to wait for pydoctor to migrate 
to testing before retrying the build. I just requested a retry and the package 
built succesfully. I'd expect it to migrate as soon as dak and britney process 
the binary.
  949232/948831 [pydoctor] needs to depend on cachecontrol
  952546 [pydoctor] d/copyright & DFSG issues
  937421 [pydoctor] Python2 removal in sid/bullseye
Should hopefully be fixed in a few days when pydoctor migrates to testing, i'm 
not seeing any obvious blockers for that right now.

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