Quoting peter green (2020-02-27 22:54:19)
> > Relevant packages and bugs:
> >   943107 git-buildpackage: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye
> This bug is not marked as rc.
> Nevertheless I believe that this bug report is in-fact a false positive. From
> what I can tell git-buildpackage, even in buster, does not (build-)depend on
> python 2 or any python 2 modules.

correct, but it does build-depend on packages that require python2: rpm

I was recently in a similar situation where I thought I had a false positive
for one of my package so I filed this bug:


You can always check whether you got a false positive or not by investing the
dependency relationship yourself. In this case:

dose-ceve -T grml --deb-builds-from --deb-native-arch=amd64 debsrc://Sources 
deb://Packages > /tmp/graph.xml
botch-graph-shortest-path /tmp/graph.xml /tmp/out.xml --source 
realpackage:src:git-buildpackage --target realpackage:src:python2.7


cheers, josch

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