On Wed, Jul 12, 2023 at 11:05:57AM +0000, c.bu...@posteo.jp wrote:
> What do you mean by the terms "simple Python package" and "two packages"?
> These terms do not exists in Python context.
These are Debian terms.

> Python do differentiate between
> "Distribution Package" (the name you would find e.g. on PyPI) and "Import
> Packages" (the name you use with your "import" statement). And there is also
> a difference with "Debian Package" (a deb-file). Of course all three type of
> packages can be the same but don't have to.
> Am 12.07.2023 02:21 schrieb Christoph Anton Mitterer:
> > debian/control (all boring fields removed):
> >   Source: foo
> I assume that "foo" is the "Distribution Package" ?
It's the Debian source package as the context is debian/control. Or what
do you mean?

> > 1) Is there some mechanism in dh_python that would automatically split
> >    (respectively install) the files to the two packages, and I'm just
> >    to dumb to use it?
> I don't understand why there are two packages? Why two? I can not find that
> in your setup.
  Package: python3-foo
  Package: foo-util

> > debian/control (all boring fields removed):
> >   Source: foo
> >   Package: python3-foo
> >   Package: foo-util
> You build two Debian packages (deb-files) out of one source tarball?
> Interesting to know that this is possible.
It's definitely possible and I would expect any good guide to mention

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