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> Do you have a link to your repository?

I'm afraid it's not (yet) publicly available. The whole thing started
out as a poorly written set of shell scripts 10 years ago and I finally
got my act together to re-implement it in Python.

It still lacks a reasonable test suite, documentation, etc. pp. ... and
I wouldn't wan to "release" it in that (not even) half finished status.

> What do you mean by the terms "simple Python package" and "two
> packages"?

Sorry for the confusion... as Andrey already explained, the "two
packages" referred to Debian packages - not Python package (of which my
example would indeed have only one).

>     debian/control (all boring fields removed):
>       Source: foo
> I assume that "foo" is the "Distribution Package" ?


> I don't understand why there are two packages? Why two? I can not
> find that in your setup.

Again, this meant Debian packages... as already said by Andrey, it
follows from the conrol file,... and Simon gave good reasons why this
would make sense.

> You build two Debian packages (deb-files) out of one source tarball?
> Interesting to know that this is possible.

That's absolutely common... you should rather look at "monsters" like
the gcc Debian source packages, which build a few gazillion (it seems
sometimes ;-) ) binary packages out of one source package :-D


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