Thank you for your work!

I suggest to direct to electronics about everthing that is tailored for the 
electronics and only have non-electronic-specific dependencies with the Python 


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> Betreff: Should cocotb & pyuvm be under Electronics or Python team ?
> Hello, 
>   I am currently working on packages for cocotb & pyuvm, both are Python 
>   packages, that are used for verification (simulation) of VHDL/*Verilog 
>   models, ie. their scope is electronics. Do I am wondering whether to 
>   package them under Electeonics team or Python team.
>   Also, I've set the Section source control field to 'electronics', yet 
>   lintian complained that since the binary package names are 
>   python3-{cocotb/pyuvm}, then the section should be 'python'. Should I 
>   ignore/override that ? Or should I modifybthe Section field to 
>   'python' ?
> Thanks
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