On Sun, Jul 23, 2023 at 01:01:39PM +0200, Agathe Porte wrote:
> From my quick look at cocotb’s documentation [3], it seems to ship at
> least one binary in $PATH named `cocotb-config`. Here is how it could be
> packaged:
> - `cocotb` srcpkg in `electronics` section;
> - `python3-cocotb` binpkg in `python` section, containing the library;
> - `cocotb` binpkg in `electronics` section, Depends on `python3-cocotb`
>   and contains the executables.
---end quoted text---

Well, I am reluctant to separate the python module from the binary, as 
the python module doesn't seem to be useful without the binary.

I've got another issue, that is cocotb requires find_libppython module, 
which is used to find libpython on the system, so should I package 
find_libpython, which doesn't seem to be needed on Debian, just for the 
sake of cocotb ? Or should I just patch cocotb and put some simplified code 
(tailored for Debian) that finds path to libpython ?

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