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El 2017-04-18 a las 06:59 +0200, Julien Aubin escribió:
Package: kde-l10n-fr Version: 4:16.04.3-1 Severity: grave

I know that the severity is exagerated but this is because we're very close to release and the issue is still not fixed.

Please don't create duplicated bugs with unjustified severities, this only reduces the value of the bugs being reported (and increases the time we need to expend dealing with them instead of fixing them)

There are still many missing translations in French KDE translation package, such as many "Apply" buttons left untranslated, some "do you want to continue" questions untranslated and so on. The issue is due to some translations in Debian being too old, as the same package, kde-l10n-fr 16.04 in Gentoo is not affected.

It seems to me that the missing translations are from qt5's QDialog stock buttons. So this might need to be addressed in the qt packages.

This is, at least for the dolphin settings dialog (which creates a QDialogButtonBox with:
QDialogButtonBox* box = new QDialogButtonBox(QDialogButtonBox::Ok
 | QDialogButtonBox::Apply | QDialogButtonBox::Cancel | 

And it doesn't override the buttons texts.

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