like with the last updates, there are again problems in Debian sid.

Package libkf5xmlgui5 again depends on libqt5core5a > 5.9.0-beta and (and this 
is what makes an upgrade impossible) on qt-base-abi-5-9-2 (which is 
libqt5core5a, But in fixed version 5.9.2).
So if you now use fucking discover or an 'apt full-upgrade', you are fucked up 
with a system, that is graphically unusable.
I reported this some time before (1 or 2  month), now the same happens again.

This is boring.

Thank you, may be now for last time, as i will change all my systems to an 
other DE. I have no time for again and again working on the same really dump 
If these things from time to time happen on rather unused packages this is bad 
luck, but libkf5xmlgui5 is a central piece of software, that kills anything if 
there is a mistake in packaging.


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