On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 11:25:27AM +0100, Sandro Knauß wrote:
> Due to a mistake, Akonadi was uploaded with a new symbol but
> without tracking the ABI breakage. We also have a bug report that
> documenting the ABI breakage: #885620. That's why kjots needs to be
> recompiled against the new Akonadi version.

That's not the problem.
The symbol _ZN7Akonadi3Job16doHandleResponseExRKNS_8Protocol7CommandE
has been removed from libakonadicore5 without bumping the SONAME.

Looking more in detail, it's clear that the library moved from
    Akonadi::Job::doHandleResponse(long long, Akonadi::Protocol::Command const&)
    Akonadi::Job::doHandleResponse(long long, 
QSharedPointer<Akonadi::Protocol::Command> const&)
without bumping SONAME.

And furthermore, commit 75ba24508a4cb5e8786c98782b93121078089369 in your
packaging repository happily swaps the 2 symbols without giving an
explenation for why it's ok to drop the older symbol (which is clearly
not ok).  And from the same commit I see the same fate happened to other
symbols as well.

Therefore, IMHO:

> Please rebuild kjots against Akonadi 4:17.08.3-2 to bump its dependency on
> libkf5akonadi*.

It's not the appropriate action.

Please treat this bug as you'd usually treat an ABI break.

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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