Do You all mean it?

We use EGroupWare 1.2.106 on daily basis, with Debian Etch and even Debian Sarge, and we see it as vastly superior release, compared to 1.2.105.

Needless to say, that new stable version is arising, 1.4, so that in upstream, the 1.2 will be for sure just bugfixed and security maintained.

I have always be using the upstream version, however I appreciate the Debian packages, despite of their archaism. They allowed me to install the EGroupWare quite simply, with all dependencies, and then just move to upstream.

I don't think that abandoning EGroupWare entirely for Etch is good idea. I also don't think that including the upstream version is bad idea.

The old, inferior and barely maintained upstream PHPGroupware resides there, and the superior ancestor -the EgroupWare -is being kicked out just because of far-from-perfect development model of Debian.

Please reconsider.


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