On 2016-12-01 00:52:59 [+0200], Adrian Bunk wrote:
> Wouldn't "depends on libssl1.0.2 and does not build-depend on libssl1.0-dev"
> give a reasonably small superset of all packages that need a binNMU?

Do you mean something like
 is_affected = .depends ~ /libssl1\.0\.2/ & ! .build-depends ~ /libssl1.0-dev/;

which results in [0] ? This gives you all packages with a B-D libssl-dev
and D libssl1.0.2 like [1] but also lists package which do not depend on
Otherwise please give a ben config and will add it.

[0] https://breakpoint.cc/openssl-trans/html/openssl_need_upload.html
[1] https://breakpoint.cc/openssl-trans/html/openssl.html

> cu
> Adrian


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