On 18-02-20 00:46:39, Cédric Boutillier wrote:
> Thanks for this update.

Thanks for your review.

> I was just wondering why you removed the Testsuite field in the control
> file and added a debian/tests/control file.
> The autopkgtest-pkg-ruby value of the Testsuite: field is a way to
> centralise the default instructions for autopkgtests for Ruby packages,
> and to my knowledge, it is not deprecated.
> If I remember correctly, we used to have a default debian/test/control
> file when gem2deb-test-runner was introduced, but it was soon
> centralized to avoid unnecessary repetition in all packages, especially
> if new tests (like gem dependencies) are introduced.

You're right, I've removed the changes, updated the changelog and pushed
again. Thanks for the hint, I'll take care of it in the future.

> I saw that you proposed to push the same change in gem2deb. As in my
> comment on your commit, I would advise against this.

See my answer over there:

- I think the change to debian/control is sensible, because the
  debian/tests/control file does exist.
- But I'll remove the changes I've made to dh-make-ruby regarding this.


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