On 10/04/18 16:01, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> I started a migration of gemwatch off alioth. It's new home for now is:
> https://gemwatch.debian.net/

Yay, thanks for taking care of this :)

> Let me know if you find any issues. It looks good to me so far, and I
> plan to make this switch on alioth and request DSA to provide a
> permanent redirect sometime during the Curitiba MiniDebconf this
> week, unless someone tells me there is something broken.

I've checked several packages with `uscan --verbose --report` and
everything seemed to work fine.

The only interesting part I've found was the number of hrefs found. New
version (gemwatch2) returned 3 duplicated entries and no archival
versions, while alioth version returned only 2 duplicates of the most
recent one and all archival ones[1].

[1] https://paste.debian.net/1019646


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