On 11/04/18 18:17, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> yes, gemwatch.debian.net does not have the cache of previous versions
> that we have on alioth, so it's expected that there won't be old
> versions. I could copy that cache over, but I'm not sure we gain
> anything by doing that.

I don't think that copying old cache is worth the effort needed, so I
guess it's a non issue.

> now, it finding 3 hrefs for the most recent version is weird, I double
> checked the page for the same package you tried and there are only 2
> links in the HTML ...

Yup, I also see 2 links in the html. However, when I rerun `uscan
--verbose --report` just moments ago I got 6 copies of the same link
[1]. Everything seems to be working fine, I just find this duplication
intriguing :) I'll look into it in a spare second.


[1] https://paste.debian.net/1020035/

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