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Am 23.08.2017 um 18:57 schrieb Aaron M. Ucko:
> Michael Biebl <bi...@debian.org> writes:
>> Afaics, this header is supposed to be provided by s390-tools/libvtoc
> Is it actually needed here at all?  

You mean aside from the actual #include? I'm not sure tbh.

A quick look at the three files
> including it (lib/plugin_apis/s390.api and plugins/s390.[ch]) appears to
> indicate otherwise, though I haven't actually logged into a porterbox to
> test.  If a vtoc.h is needed, will parted's suffice?

The copy in parted seems to be an outdated version of s390-tools' vtoc.h.

Wouldn't it be better if we had a single package providing that header
which packages then can include?
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