On 23/01/18 19:21, Jérémy Lal wrote:
> cc-ing s390x team to ask (re)building nodejs-8.9.3~dfsg-11 on zemlinsky.
>             but on s390x you're getting
>             illegal instructions on zemlinsky, which is a Z10 mainframe. Looks
>             like newer
>             node possibly bumped the baseline, or just accidentally introduced
>             instructions
>             not supported by our baseline.
>         Starting investigations about that. Hopefully it's a change that could
>         have been
>         backward-compatible.
> nodejs/v8 somewhat officially support s390x down to z196.
> I removed the added march=z196 flag and uploaded it into nodejs-8.9.3~dfsg-11.
> It would be wonderful to build it on zemlinsky to see what happens.

Still fails: https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=node-srs&suite=sid

Our baseline is z10, and z196 is newer. So if upstream now requires z196, we
have three options:

- Revert / fix that so upstream works with z10 again
- Remove nodejs from s390x
- Bump our baseline

See go and rustc for similar problems.


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