Hi all,

DSA recieved the attached mail from the Open Mainframe Project mailing
list that might be a good opportunity to get an intern to work on
improving the Debian S/390 port and fixing Debian portability issues.



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We have started accepting applications for the 2019 summer internship
program and keep getting asked one big question:

"What work needs done to help bring more open source to mainframe?"

And this is where each of you in the community comes in - *help us find
projects that students could work on this upcoming summer*.

The students in the past have done some great work, including:

   - Porting open source projects to mainframe ( like Alpine Linux on the
   huge side, but also smaller projects like Kibana, nextcloud, and Zabbix )
   - Publishing guides on how to get an open source tool going on mainframe
   ( for example the guides built for Kubernetes on SLES
   and RHEL <https://github.com/openmainframeproject/RHEL-documentation>.
   - Proof of concept of open source being used to build a solution on
   mainframe ( such as immunichain
   <https://github.com/openmainframeproject/immunichain> which showcased
   HyperLedger on mainframe )
   - Contributions to an Open Mainframe Project hosted project ( such as
   Zowe <https://github.com/zowe/> )

Tell us you project idea today! Here's how you can do it:

   - Post the idea to the TSC email list
   <omp-...@lists.openmainframeproject.org> .
   - Submit it as a pull request to proposed projects
   folder on the TSC GitHub repo using the suggested template

The only requirements for a project is that it must target the mainframe
ecosystem and the work must be available under an open source license.

Thank you,

John Mertic
Director of Program Management - Linux Foundation
ASWF, ODPi, R Consortium, and Open Mainframe Project
+1 234-738-4571
Schedule time with me at https://calendly.com/jmertic

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